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by | Aug 11, 2023 | Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for Kids, Health and Wellness

Not all kids are comfortable in their own skin. Some take longer than others to come out of their shell and find their voice.

We’d had lots of those kids come through our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) classes. Some are naturally shy, some are having a hard time adjusting to a change at home, some struggle in school.

Whatever their circumstances, they all leave with the same swagger after finding new confidence on the mat.

How BJJ builds self-esteem

All martial arts have the potential to improve your kids mental and physical health but Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is especially ideal for those who lack confidence.

This fighting style is based on a simple premise – being able to overpower people who are bigger and stronger than you.

We see this all the time in the gym. Tiny kids taking down giants. And they love it. BJJ is extremely strategic, it teaches kids how to use leverage, gravity, and momentum to gain the edge over their opponent, no matter what size they are. 

Because of this, the weakest looking kid in the class often turns out to be the one to beat. So if you have a child who’s small for their age, or self-conscious about their size, this is the sport for them.

They’ll develop a better relationship with their body, have more self-esteem, and learn to enjoy competing with kids that would’ve previously intimidated them.

Making kids more resilient

During the pandemic, when schools were shut and social activities stopped, our coaches got a lot of calls from parents of our students.

They were amazed at how well their formerly shy kids had handled the disruption and isolation, with some even doing our meditation practices to relieve stress.

For these families, BJJ was a valuable tool in showing their kids that they could handle anything – even a pandemic.

The key to building your child’s confidence isn’t removing all the things that make them fearful – the world is going to throw a lot at them, and there’s no way you can protect them from all of it.

Don’t remove the fear, make them brave.

That’s what BJJ does for these kids, it gives them courage to face off against an opponent on the mat, learn how to take a strike, and roll with the punches.

Stop bullying before it starts

Almost 50% of Canadian parents have a child who’s experienced bullying. It’s a frightening statistic, but you can help prevent your kid from becoming a victim by enrolling them in BJJ. 

Studies show that kids who do martial arts are less likely to be bullied, and less likely to be bullies themselves. Teaching them self defense skills means they’re better able to handle aggression when they encounter it at school or in the playground. 

In our BJJ kids classes, we coach students on remaining calm, practicing self-control, and being disciplined in how they react to provocation.

Yes, your kid will be able to grapple another kid to the floor and keep them there, but we teach them when those moves are appropriate (hint: in a safe, controlled environment like our gym) and when to walk away.

Just knowing they have the ability to defend themselves is often enough to stop a fight from escalating.

For kids who are struggling with negative emotions, BJJ is a healthy outlet for those feelings. We keep our kids busy in class, focusing them on drills, sparring, and games so they’re always thinking, learning, and practicing teamwork.

We also include a short meditation in every session, having found that it helps them settle, concentrate, and get down to work. 

Family-friendly BJJ at Innisfil Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Innisfil Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (IBJJ) founder, Coach PK, has been coaching kids for over a decade, with his signature teaching style that emphasizes play, safety, and technique. At IBJJ, kids come to learn, but they also come to have fun and join a supportive family where no-one gets left behind.

We offer two kids programs – a Parent & Child class for those aged 4-7, which invites parents to team up with their child and learn together, and a Youth Class for kids aged 7-13. Kids 13 and up are invited to join our Adult Classes. 

We also offer a Leadership program for young students who want more experience coaching others. This 6-week course teaches kids valuable leadership skills and gives them opportunities to mentor less experienced students. 

Contact us today to find out more about our BJJ classes or book a free introductory session and get your kid started on the path to better physical and emotional wellbeing!

Looking for a martial arts studio in Innisfil and the surrounding area? Innisfil Brazilian Jiujitsu offers professional Brazilian Jiujitsu training with a range of BJJ classes for all ages and abilities. Contact our coaches today to get started! 

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