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Gain confidence. Find community. Get playful.

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Who is Innisfil Brazilian Jiujitsu?

 Coach PK

Pirashanth Kesavan 

IBJJ Head Coach

The #1 Rule… 


Here at IBJJ, we love training martial arts! It’s a great way to work up a sweat, learn new skills, and blow off steam. And when you practice a close contact sport like jiujitsu, injuries happen. 

That’s why we set a culture of care & respect with our students. We focus on learning and playing, so you can have fun, participate, and come back to train again tomorrow!


No One Gets Hurt!


Adult Classes

Join our tight knit community and learn foundational jiujitsu movements, techniques, and strategy.

Self Defense 

Learn what to do in situations where you don’t feel safe. Take home practical defense skills that will help you in the real world.

Kids Class

Kids Classes

These playful classes focus on coordination exercises based on the fundamental movements of Brazilian Jiujitsu 

Why Train With Us?

Get Playful

Enjoy our positive atmosphere.

Meet friendly training partners.

Develop your creativity & playfulness.

Become Skilled

Discover how your body can move.

Increase your endurance.

Learn confidence, discipline & control.

Defend Yourself

Learn how to properly ground fight.

Use less strength.

Win with technique.

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