Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered! There’s a Brazilian jiu jitsu class for everyone at our studio – from students aged 4 to 74. 

All of our programs focus on safety, fun, and (of course) martial arts. Expect some challenges, lots of wins, and a safe, supportive environment in which to learn and grow.

The IBJJ Philosophy

Innisfil Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is not your average jiu jitsu club. Our unique approach blends play with practice – making sure that you don’t just nail the technique but that you have fun doing it. 

We make time to play, but we also work hard. Our coaches employ an innovative training technique we like to call the ‘I’ method, which focuses on:

Introduction – introducing students to a new technique in a way that’s accessible to the whole class

Isolation – practicing that core technique as a stand-alone move rather than one of many in a fight sequence 

Integration – once mastered as a solo move, the technique is then employed against partners in drills that show students how to use it against different body types and abilities

This holistic philosophy ensures no-one is left behind. We don’t rush to get to the next level or showboat with complex moves before we’re ready. Our coaches go right back to basics and build from there, creating BJJ masters who truly understand the how and why of this ancient martial art. 

Train with us!

Classes are available in three different levels, grouped by age. We also offer a special leadership program for young mentors and hour-long private sessions upon request.


Ages 4-7: Parent & Child

Ages 7-13: Youth Program

Age 13+:  Adult Classes

Leadership Program

Discover the art of brazilian jiu-jitsu with our top-notch instructors.

Join our private class for an immersive learning experience.


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