Age 13+ : Adult Classes

Our Adults program is suitable for all adults, from 13 years old to 70 years young. It’s ideal if you’re looking for fitness, a tight-knit community, and skill-building.

We focus on practical self-defense and follow a strategic curriculum designed to ensure skill retention.

At IBJJ, we give you a good grounding in the fundamentals so it doesn’t matter if it’s your first day or your 100th, you’ll learn techniques that anyone can use.

What to expect

Our adult classes run six days a week:

  • Monday 7:15pm
  • Tuesday 6:45pm
  • Wednesday 10:00am & 8:00pm
  • Thursday 7:15pm
  • Friday 10:00am
  • Saturday 12:30pm

Each class is an hour long and we recommend bringing a water bottle as you’ll likely need to hydrate during the workout. If you’re new to the gym, we will provide you with a gi but ask that you purchase your own for subsequent sessions – we can supply and fit these for you. 

Our adult classes begin with a quick warm-up, focusing on the muscle groups we’ll be using during class. Our coaches take a technical approach, introducing and holding positions so students fully grasp the foundationals before employing speed and power. 

New techniques are introduced each class and drilled into students so they learn their application in a variety of contexts. Partner drills allow fighters to try their newly learned skills on different body types and sizes so they get comfortable adjusting their stance and approach. 

Class is very much a learning experience – our coaches encourage questions and offer constructive feedback throughout the session so every student can be confident they’ve mastered a technique before moving onto something new. 

After class we invite our students to stay behind for an informal ‘open mat’ session where they can ask more questions, practice what they’ve learned, and – for the more experienced, participate in freestyle wrestling.