Leadership Program: Youth Coach’s Corner

Not every child is a born leader, and even those who are need help honing those skills. That’s where Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) comes in. 

In our experience training and supporting kids along their BJJ journey, we’ve found that many relish the opportunity to coach others. There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing a wannabe coach in action as they share what they’ve learned and help build the confidence of younger, less experienced classmates. 

That’s why we created our Youth Coach’s Corner, a 6-week leadership course for kids aged 10 and up. 

Empower your child to become a martial arts leader!

The Youth Coach’s Corner program runs Tuesdays from 4:00pm – 5:30pm. During those six sessions, your little coach-in-training will learn all the skills needed to be an effective leader and mentor to the next generation of martial arts.

They’ll be taught:

  • Communication skills – learning teaching methods for different ages and abilities, as well as how to resolve conflict, give feedback, and offer constructive criticism
  • Team work – how to create a supportive learning environment in the gym
  • Mentoring techniques – learning how to motivate and inspire younger students
  • Leadership skills – how to handle responsibility, manage others, and get results

And, of course, in addition to the above benefits, kids will also have a great opportunity to practice their hard-earned Brazilian jiu jitsu skills and improve their strength and fitness!

Once they’ve completed the six sessions of Youth Coach’s Corner, our coaches-in-training must also complete 25 hours of volunteer coaching experience to earn their Junior Coach certificate.

Junior Coaches will have more opportunities to coach class after the program ends in exchange for defraying their membership cost.

If you’ve a mentor in the making, let us know! Contact IBJJ today to book your spot or find out more.